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  • Nano Gym can be an independent boutique studio serving as a small gym or a "Club within a club" version prepared to conduct boot camp classes in an existing fitness club.
  • People are becoming more and more comfortable and do not want to commute to the training site for several dozen minutes a day. That's why boutique clubs that we can walk to in our slippers, i.e. those located close to where we live, are currently gaining popularity. However, it is not enough to downsize a large club several times and hope that it will still be financially profitable. For a boutique club to be profitable, it must be located in an appropriate location, have low ongoing costs and be equipped to provide at least 3 income channels. And that's what Nano Gym is like.
  • Nano gym is a complete concept of equipment, business model, software and available knowledge packed into a package available to everyone without franchise fees. The software and hardware equipment of Nano Gym enables reverse group training, personal training, standard training, but also on-demand training, i.e. the ability to quickly set up any training for one or a group of people at any station in an unattended manner.
  • Like the largest boutique club chains, nano gym is also based on "Reverse" or "Inverted" training. In this model, participants during classes look at monitors on which all exercises are displayed, thanks to which the instructor has time and the opportunity to correct and supervise properly performed training.
  • We provide you with ready-made workouts that we have created, so you don't have to worry about creating your own programs. The idea hovewer is that training should be specific to a given club or network of clubs. Therefore, they should be created by your club trainers. Even if there is another club (B) in a given city using the Nano Gym concept, it will not have access to training sessions created by trainers from club (A).
  • This is not necessary, because the workouts are saved in the cloud and can be re-displayed on tvs as many times as we want. In the control panel you have access to every tv in the club or even the entire network of clubs. You can therefore display them on any tv in the club and at any time. We can also create a playlist for one or many tvs with a display schedule for the entire month.
  • Trainings are for every club member. However, they will be most often used by people who would like to be inspired by something new every day or by those who cannot exercise on their own. Perhaps most importantly, the application can also be used to create training at the request of club members. For example, at the request or reservation of a club member or a group of club members, you can run any training at the NANO station at any time of the day to encourage them to come to your club.
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The application includes a ready-to-use training for every day of the month, but its greatest advantage is that each trainer can create any training for his or her group of clients. After all, he knows them best and knows whether they need training with increased intensity or training for total amateurs.
From over 400 different exercises with the equipment and accessories available in the concept, you can create an almost infinite number of training sessions for your clients. You can compose them freely, name them and set the number of repetitions, series and time in which they will be performed.
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  • We will meet (online or offline depending on your preference) to discuss the project details.
  • Our team will visit you in person to present the full strategy and business plan.
  • After accepting our offer and signing the contract, we will start working intensively on the project implementation.
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