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Stand alone boutique studios or Bootcamp clessess at your club

Open your own boutique studio at a low cost or introduce high-cost group classes in an existing club. All without fees or franchise obligations

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Monthly profit *

€ 21.300

* Achievable with 5 groups per day at maximum capacity.

Small investment.

Based on our 30 years of experience, we have developed a fitness club model that allows group training for 24 people at the same time and can accommodate up to 400 members. Nano Gym needs only 114 m2 of working area and for the price of EUR 49.000 net it provides complete equipment, including an instalation, rubber floor divided into zones, monitors, applications, all devices and several hours of staff training and KNOW HOW

Low monthly costs.

Small space, low labor costs, but above all, no energy-consuming equipment and no additional franchise fees, which mean that Nano Gym has several times lower monthly costs of a traditional fitness club.

Revenues of a large club.

The attractiveness of the equipment, ready-made activity programs and applications supporting Nano Gym secure as many revenue channels as a well-organized, large fitness club. Thanks to this, the revenues generated by Nano Gym are at the levels achieved by large fitness clubs
What is it about?

Nano Boot Camp

Nano Boot Camp is a revolutionary, 50-minute concept of group interval training for the whole body. This unique, instructor-led, and app-supported training is currently the most popular form of functional training worldwide, recommended for everyone regardless of current fitness level, age, and training goal.
Each participant in the class trains at their own pace, engaging all muscle groups and achieving multi-level improvement in endurance, fitness, and fat reduction. The BASIC version of Nano Gym has 6 training stations, each providing safe equipment as well as comfortable and stylish training accessories for 4 people exercising simultaneously.
Nano Gym

For whom and why?

Whether you are an instructor, gym owner, or someone fed up with the corporate rat race, the Nano Gym concept is perfect for starting your first fitness venture. It is a relatively low-cost investment with a very high ROI. All you need to do is find the right location and adapt it for a Nano Gym.

I have my own space with an area ranging from 150 to 300 square meters, and I don't know what to do with it.

If you own your space, consider whether, instead of renting it to someone who might turn out to be an uncertain tenant, it is not better to open your own Nano Gym studio. This option doesn't require any specific experience, care, or labor from you and, at the same time, can provide income potentially ten times higher than you could get from renting. Contact us, and we will check if your space is suitable for this.

I am a trainer and want to open my own studio.

As a trainer with experience and presumably your own clients, consider moving them all to your own studio, one that you can afford. At the same time, elevate your prestige and attract new clients for Nano Gym boot camp classes. If you prefer to do it on your own, you don't even have to hire anyone, and your profits could be even greater, potentially exceeding 50,000 monthly. Write to us, and we will let you know if the location where you want to open a studio is suitable for Nano.

I already own a club, but I would like to enhance its revenue-generating capabilities.

Bootcamp classes in the club are currently the most popular direction for the development of fitness clubs. However, without the right supporting software for the trainer's work, it simply cannot be done. Nano Gym will provide you with ready-made workouts prepared for every day of the month, but it will also give you the ability to fully edit and create your own training plans based on the most popular and effective functional exercises. All of this is to attract entirely new clients and increase the club's revenue by up to half. Write to us, and we will check if your club is suitable for this.
Nano Gym


A total area of 150 m2 is sufficient for a Nano Gym, but it is not a strictly defined space. Due to rental costs, the basic Nano Gym should not exceed 200 m2. The only thing that is strictly defined is the training area, which in the basic version is 114 m2.
Nano Gym

No franchise fees

We give you full support with all the knowledge gathered by the best experts on the market. We also offer full freedom to decide and we do not require any contract or license fees from you. Our motto is Minimum number of costs and employees, but maximum number of members. Only 114 m2 of training space is enough to accommodate 24 people in one group and generate over EUR 15.000 of your income. Nano GYM, despite all the features of a good franchise, is something more. It's a tool for creating your own franchise, not a typical franchise
Nano Gym


It is not only for group classes. It is fully editable and clear, allowing you to create your own workouts that clients can watch on TVs during classes, allowing instructors to focus on exercising clients. The application enables the reservation of training stations with a selected workout for groups of clients but also adds excitement and inspiration for every Nano Gym member.
Nano Gym


With a healthy and active society in mind, we have developed a conceptually friendly exercise system for beginners and advanced users. We not only provide you with the latest software on the market but also the entire KNOW HOW we have gathered over the past 30 years. Years of experience in the fitness industry have allowed us to create ready-made training programs for every day of the month. However, the software you get includes over 300 exercises from which you can easily create thousands of your own, typical for your studio and unique workouts. Training management can be done from anywhere in the world. In addition to the training software, we also provide a management application that allows you to book places in classes and make payments.

Options, Costs, and Prices

Nano Gym has been tested and refined in every detail based on the lowest investment cost and the smallest space needed. However, for those who would like to have prepared more expensive investment variants taking into account properly selected cardio equipment.

Initial Fees

  • Nano Boot Camp Equipment Set

    € 39 999

  • Rubber Fitness Floor

    € 3500

  • Monitors - 4 pieces

    € 3500

  • Nano Training App


  • Gym Management Software

    € 1200

  • Brand Book, Know-How, and Training


  • Website with CMS (Content Management System)

    € 800

  • Installation and Transportation cost


Ongoing Fees

  • Fee for Using the Training App


  • Fee for Using the Management App


  • Training, Consultations, Assistance in Management


  • Percentage of revenue


Total € 48 999

Total cost of Nano Gym

Nano Gym

Additional advantages of the concept

Group classes alone are not everything. The fully editable training app included in the kit allows you to create your own workouts in a viewing schedule for each of your available TVs. It allows you to create training on demand and supports the work of a personal trainer by allowing him to conduct classes for more people at the same time.
Nano Gym

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The application includes a ready-to-use training for every day of the month, but its greatest advantage is that each trainer can create any training for his or her group of clients. After all, he knows them best and knows whether they need training with increased intensity or training for total amateurs.
From over 400 different exercises with the equipment and accessories available in the concept, you can create an almost infinite number of training sessions for your clients. You can compose them freely, name them and set the number of repetitions, series and time in which they will be performed.
Nano Gym

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